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We Love Smell

The good ones, but also the bad ones. We feel they are important, much more so than we might expect in our modern lives. We live for smells. We want to know how they work, why they work and when they work. We want to nose know smells.

We are Something Smelly.

Olfactory Myth Busting

Facts make us smile almost as much as smells do. Because of this, we put a lot of our time and resources into research. We work together with the world’s most astonishing olfactory scientists and enthusiasts. Together we try to make sense of our noses. Click the circles below to find out more about the tools we provide and the research we're doing. Together we'll build the greatest scent community!

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We want to create the largest knowledge base on all things smelly. That of course includes things about you, the noses out there. We plan to release a questionnaire that will gather information about your experiences with scent, your own insights and nosey urges as well as the level of importance you place on smells around you.


Posted by Irina
On May 2nd 2014

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Smelly Maps: discovering Amscentdam*

French perfumer Edmond Roudnitska once wrote: 'Le Parfum est le 8ème art' (Fragrance is the 8th art). At Something Smelly we are on the fence whether every perfume is a piece of olfactory art. Intrigue and ambiguity took hold of us at Chandler Burr's curation of the Art of scent in 2012. It entailed the exposition of mass marketed fragrances as examples of olfactory art.

It was the same year that the Twitterverse put Kate McLean on our smelly map. On April 10th 2014, I was excited to finally meet Kate in person and enjoy the exclusive debut reveal of the end result, the exhibition ‘Smellmap: Amsterdam’. Below you’ll find my smelly notes and impressions of this event. These include a review of the methods used and the conversations with the attendees.

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